Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind #5

My Sunday thoughts are often cake related as Sunday is cake and roast dinner day. Just as well, Sunday this week is also full of cold, dribbly nose and feeling like a train hit me day. 

Today's Sunday thoughts are inspired by a post I saw on The Mighty, this is a web page for chronic illness and disability writers share their stories to raise awareness. (I am a writer for them)

It had me thinking, what does fibromyalgia look like? 
In theory, it does not have a look, it is an invisible illness. I often share selfies of myself ( I am an Instagram lover) and know the projection of myself is a picture of health, yet the reality is I am very much a pain, fibro fog, gained weight, sore aching body fibro girl that constantly feels exhausted and washed out. 

Photo with no filter fresh from my phone.

This was me yesterday morning. Eyeliner and red lipstick works wonders at making you look alive and kicking life. Ten minutes before this photo I had to reach for tramadol to get me through the morning. I take the youngest boys to a club. I get to sit in a nice comfortable chair with a flask of coffee and do my crochet. For me, it is the biggest smile of the week watching them so happy so I would not give it up for anything. But it hurts and can drain the life out of me for the rest of the week. My photo never shows this. 
Photo I shared on Instagram with a filter over it. 
The same image I share on my Instagram profile is a touched up one. Instagram filters are superb at giving you sparkly fresh porcelain skin. Again this adds to that fibro fakery that we are all radiant and feel on top of the world. 

Me now on Sunday as I am typing. 

And this is me now as I type. I am still wearing yesterday's long cotton tunic as it was too painful to lift my arms last night so I slept in it. I often do this as the less exertion on my body the less pain. There seems no logic in the theory of taking off a cotton top to put on a cotton top from the night time shelf when you are in pain. 

My photos do not show pain. They do not show that I can no longer wear a bra so that once voluptuous cleavage is now somewhere in the belly button region. I never really show in photos how much weight I have gained through leading a sedentary life from bed to couch. 

Fibromyalgia is a great example of the saying, Do not judge a book by its cover. 
This is why it never really makes me angry when people struggle to believe I am ill. I actually like the fact that I can put red lipstick on and masquerade as normal now and then. It is good for the soul.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all

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  1. Managed a bit of masquerading with red lipstick myself this week....maybe we should form a club! love as always, C x

    1. Oh Claire even better now the sunny days are approaching. I love huge sunglasses and a sweep of red lipstick and you look human instantly even if it is a bad day. The powers of red lipstick ha ha xxxx


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