Pretty fibro friendly clothes: Paisley Print Leggings

Introduction to this addition to my blog: {Apologies if you are reading this again, it is simply a small intro for any new readers that have landed on my blog for the first time}

Pretty fibro friendly clothes are all about the items that catch my eye and match some of the requirements that I now need.

I hope to inspire my readers if they are looking for something pretty.

First and foremost I detest shopping for clothes so if you are like me then this is the blog series for you. I know what I like and what shops are accommodating with what I look for in clothes. Most of the things I will be sharing will be from UK high street shops and all to suit my budget. Most of these shops will now ship abroad and if not then still read on and follow the series as I am sure it does us all good just to look at someone else's perspective on clothes. I have often read blogs and been inspired by a look without purchasing that exact item. 

I don't like clothes shopping as the thought of maneuvering Speedy my mobility scooter into a changing cubicle would spoil a good day. I would then need to get undressed having gone through the pain and difficulty of getting dressed already that day. It is no fun at all with a sore body to be playing dress up in the shops.

Online shopping is the only way for me.

Paisley is one of my favourite patterns so much so I even have a paisley tattoo on my left arm. 
So how excited was I when I noticed these pretty leggings, I nearly popped. 

If the word LEGGINGS makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, just chill them little hairs. 

If you recall all the horror images on social media of women wearing the wrong colour leggings with a crop top then no I am not talking about that kind. 

So what makes these leggings fibro friendly?

  • Leggings are THE most comfortable things besides pyjamas when you have a chronic illness. 
  • Most leggings unless you pick the ones that are super shiny swimming costume material have a high cotton content so are super comfortable against your skin. These ones are 97% Cotton.
  • They are full length to hide the little stubbles on our legs, be honest fibro girls don't have the energy to shave their legs daily. 
  • They have an elasticated waist which is great as tummies get swollen and sore with IBS. 
  • They are easy to get on and off for toilet access. 
  • They are comfortable to wear all day and even comfortable to have a daytime nap in. 
  • They contain a tiny amount of elastane 3% so you won't get baggy knees. 
  • Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • No chub rub at the top of your thighs.

Don't ever think you have to be size 10 to wear leggings? I am not about to advocate we all wear them with trainers and a belly top. I do believe women can wear what they want regardless of size or age but decorum and common sense say NO on leggings. 

What I love are long length vests. They are superb at making any top legging friendly and give your look a cool layered appearance. To look good in leggings you need to cover your bum and the thigh gap. Or if you are like me, the place where thigh gap lived when you were in the womb. 

These paisley leggings are from Asda George so you can buy them in the supermarket as you shop or from the online option. They cost £6.00

Forget colour codes also, throw a splash of colour in the look. I picked this red top as it is plain and comfortable but it has this year's fashion look with the bell sleeves. 

Black long length vest is also from Asda George £8.00 for two (Black & White) 

Ruffle bell red top is also from Asda George £10.00 

For the total look, it would cost £24 all the items come in sizes 8 to 24.

Please let me know if you have this pretty dress or if you enjoy my new blog series.
ಌ Love and gentle hugs to you all

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  1. I adore these! Paisley is one of my favorite prints too--one of the reasons probably being because my grandmother made so many quilts using it. I even named my dog Paisley ;) I'd love to see your tattoo! You made so many great points about leggings. When I came out of one of my endometriosis surgeries, leggings was all I could wear in public. Even now, when my endo flares up, leggings are my saving grace. And like you worries about shaving, just cover your legs up and go! I recently started wearing button-up tunics with them that are light and breezy. I'm really enjoying these posts, though, like I said in the last post haha!

    1. Thank you so much, I had endo also so know that sore tummy feeling so well. Huge hugs for having endo it is so not nice. xxxx


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