How I cope with nausea and Fibromyalgia

I have often read other people's fibromyalgia symptoms and felt lucky to not share that one with them. It is such a complex illness that no two of us are ever identically the same in the symptom department. I always felt lucky to not suffer from nausea like many of my fellow warrior.
Recently my luck changed and I turned green with nausea.
Almost anything can trigger nausea for fibromyalgia sufferers. The many factors that trigger pain can also trigger nausea, as well as dizziness and the other symptoms. Fibromyalgia encompasses various conditions that can cause nausea themselves, we often have a long list of other medical conditions in common such as IBS.

Nausea is a feeling of unease and sickness that is hard to put words too, but that at some point another most of us have been all too familiar with. Often times the pre-curser to vomiting is a miserable thing to experience. It can be caused for many reasons, from dehydration to food poisoning, morning sickness to motion sickness, medications to acid reflux.

So what Causes Fibromyalgia Nausea?
  • Migraines can cause nausea as many of us also suffer from migraines, cluster headaches. This can produce nausea, dizziness, and vomiting because of constriction of nerves in the back of the head.
  • Vision disturbances can cause nausea. Our eye muscles can be weak and vision is often distorted, many opticians will argue this is not fibromyalgia related and can be due to hormones, hydration, sugar, and carbohydrates but regardless of that, we all know we have a large percentage of us that would agree to visual disturbances with Fibro. Also many with migraines suffer from visual disturbance if they have migraines with aura.
  • Inner ear problems can cause nausea, dizziness and a feeling of light headed.
  • Medication side effects may be the cause of nausea. This may pass if it is a new medication or it may remain and the person has to weigh up if the benefit warrants nausea.
  • Neurally mediated hypotension occurs after suddenly standing up after lying down or sitting down for an extended period. As you get up, your blood pressure drops suddenly, causing extreme dizziness, sweating, heart palpitations, and nausea.
  • Lack of fresh air as many of us never seen to be out of the house so never in contact with a fresh flow of air.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be a factor as Fibro sufferers who also suffer IBS experience cycles of diarrhea, cramping, and constipation, all of which can trigger nausea and its associated symptoms.
  • A heightened sense of smell with fibromyalgia can impact on nausea.
  • Overeating- Many of us comfort eat due to depression, pain, snacking or simply eating the wrong amount of food for such a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Fear and strong emotions can cause nausea. You try having a chronic illness with no cure and not feel these emotions.
  • Intense pain can cause nausea.
  • Lack of adequate nutrition can be a causing factor especially if the person is too unwell to prepare a meal and lives alone with no support.
  • Motion sickness such as being car sick if having to travel.
  • Heightened sensitivity to chemical toxins within the environment can cause nausea.
I do not really know what is the causative factor for my new symptom but it is definitely there. I do know it is not pregnancy as I lack a womb due to hysterectomy and a man due to my love for a single life.

So how have I been treating this new symptom?

First of all, I moaned for a few days and felt sorry for myself. It was horrible and I am not going to claim I acted like a trooper, I never!

After a while then realised this was a lingering symptom and not about to go away on its own so after many cups of hot tea with a sugar (this did help and still is helping) I decided to seek some advice.

All new symptoms should never be ignored when you have a chronic illness, it is so easy to label everything as Fibromyalgia related when it may not be.  I looked at all the obvious things that it could be such as pregnancy, change in medication, head injury and then went to talk to my pharmacist to see if anything "over the counter" ie, non-prescription could alleviate nausea. 

The nausea is controlled now thanks to medication and my acupressure band. Wow, what a difference a small simple band can make to my life. 

This little band works by a plastic stud that is attached to the inside of the wristband which exerts pressure and stimulates the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) acupressure point. It has been proven that pressure on this point relieves nausea and vomiting. It really does work.

Other ways to combat nausea with fibromyalgia are:
  • Stepping outside into fresh air is sometimes all the remedy you need for nausea. Another way to help calm your body down is to get air flowing over you.
  • Cool compress to the back of your neck.
  • Ginger, be it in the form of ginger ale, tea, or even raw, is almost a guarantee to help stop nausea in its tracks. I find ginger jam on dry toast works wonders.
...or just dip a Gingernut biscuit in your tea!

Huge love, hugs and everything else if you have nausea and fibromyalgia.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. Replies
    1. Oh Sal, thank you so much for finding me and commenting. It really made my day xxx

  2. Thanks for these great tips! Generally in Chinese culture we do rely on ginger a lot. I love peppermint oil too. Didn't know about the band, need to check it out. Thanks again :)

    1. Hi Sheryl, Ginger is such a great little root. I often use it in the winter just to get warm as it has a great warming feeling inside. The bands are amazing! I must give the credit to my Mum for telling me about them, apparently our old Auntie Dolly swore by them and always wore one. xxx

  3. Just ordered my sea bands. Fingers crossed that I can get some relief. I have been vomiting and had nausea for months from fibromyalgia and endometriosis for months. Many doctors and many meds later I still don't have relief. Thanks for sharing!

    1. As I am so slow this month to reply I bet you already have them. Hope they are working for you. Mine are still working a treat for me. Huge love and hugs xxxx

  4. Replies
    1. Jane, I never really believed they would be so good, how could what looks like a hair band on my wrist work so well, but it does. I have no affiliation to this company at all so trust me you need some.
      huge love and hugs xxx

  5. I use ginger on a daily basis. The chinese honeyed ginger tea is a stunning drink. Not just does it alleviate my nausea; it helps for cold/flu & sinus symptoms as well. With the flu like symptoms I add a tot of brandy to the tea. Works wonders.

    1. Ronelle, I always have sinus symptoms and always feel flu-y I must try Chinese honeyed ginger tea. Thank you so much for that top tip.
      Huge love and hugs xxxxx

  6. I was recently in hospital because the nausea transformed into unexplained episodes of violent vomiting. I had everything investigated- cameras up and down and they found nothing- not even inflammation! So it wasn't anything sinister but is more than likely another aspect to Fibro. But as you said we have to be careful not to put everything down to it and yet usually we don't get answers.Thanks for writing about it. I am learning that anything can and probably will happen if you live with FMS for long enough!
    Five lads? How do you do it? Kudos!

    1. Miffy, so sorry it was so bad for you, wow that must have been awful (Huge hug)
      My sons are really three men and two little one as they are ages 22, 20, 18, 13 and 10 I am so blessed with them as they are really good sons and help me so much. My Mum always says what I lacked in a husband I was gifted tenfold by great sons.
      Huge love and hug and thank you so much for finding me xxxx

  7. Hi Ness (from Australia). I have had Fibro for 28 years. I first developed the symptoms following the death of my 18yr old son in a Motor Bike accident. Over recent years my symptoms have become much worse. I have had much trauma in my family and a massive heart attack at age 59 so all the triggers were there. I have been searching for reasons for my nausea. All testing has shown that I have nothing sinister, but mostly I feel SO unwell. Have looked at the possibility that it was medication side effects etc. It never occurred to me that this too could be Fibro. I also have IBS, sensitivity to chemicals, smells, some foods (need I go on?) I am going to try travel bands,(I already have some) and I love ginger, so all good with that. My diet is basic and simple,and I have recently stopped having anything with artificial sweeteners, and drink only Italian sparkling water with a slice of lemon (my luxury treat) No soft drinks of any kind. I do not drink tea or coffee. All my blood tests etc say I am in excellent health. My personal saying is "On with the clothes. On with the make-up. On with the show" This is my life!!! Understanding that my general health is good, but all this pain and associated complaints is Fibro, is a huge relief. I am so glad I found a site where people are not self diagnosing, and prescribing potent cocktails of drugs for each other. I now take only the basic medication required for my heart, and no pain medications, as they just cause more bowel problems. Now that you know basically my whole life story, I will just end by saying that my husband and I have holidayed in UK often, and been to Liverpool on numerous occasions. In some ways it is like our neighbouring city of Newcastle NSW. Cheers, and thank you for making my day Patricia. xxx

    1. Patricia, oh wow thank you so much for writing this out for me, I love the fact that my blog can gain me new friends from so far away. I am so sorry to read about your son, that is so sad and something that no parent should have to deal with, I bet he watches over you daily and protects you.
      We are so alike with the IBS, sensitivity to smells etc.
      You sound such a beautiful lady, thank you so much for finding me xxxxx

  8. I suffered from constant nausea for 10 years. Ginger and Gravol were my go to meds (should have bought shares in companies), for most of these years. I had no idea what was happening to me. Dr. after Dr., specialist after specialist,nothing. After a year off work and a bully boss and coworkers, constant harassment when I returned, I retired. Fibro is so devastating. The symptoms non specific (Dr.s tell me). I think this is no longer the case. It is for the medical profession to educate themselves. The cure, I think not in my lifetime. A complete change in lifestyle has improved some symptoms. I am so far way from who and where I used to be, I no longer need to explain or feel guilty, for what is no fault of my own.

  9. I know of Seaband and although I have been living with severe daily nausea, it never dawned on me to get one. This is why I have to read blogs, ETC. As much as possible. To remind me what my brain no longer does..... which is to think. I know how to take care of others , but when it comes to me, I draw a blank.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. I went for a whole year being nauseous and vomiting up everything I ate. I couldn't get my doctor to believe me until I came in for an appt and he weighed me. I had lost 90 pounds and he was stunned. Finally got the tests I needed and they found that my Esophageal Sphincter was not working at all (the little flap in your throat that allows food and drink down and is supposed to keep it from coming back up). I had to have surgery to rebuild it completely and it has helped immensely. Please make sure that you push for any tests that you think appropriate as it may be something serious. As a side note, because the doctor rebuilt it and it is a very small opening I am unable physically to vomit, which makes me feel worse when I am sick. I take a Gravol pill at night to help sleep and I also take one if I need it for sickness. Stay strong and positive.


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