Gardening with Fibromyalgia

My love for gardens goes way back to my childhood. I loved my Grandparents garden, it was magical to me as a child. There was a little fence and a path separating the grass on either side, my Gag (Grandfather) had built his own shed that he would work in and it seemed like the best place ever for me. A real man shed with old jars filled with screws, sticks with bits of paint on an old part of the machinery. 

My grandparents garden was a well established one unlike my one here. Their beautiful garden was made sacred by my Gag's watchful eye as he would often grump at you if you move a blade of grass in the wrong direction.

The garden was partly shaded by the big old lilac tree. It was the most beautiful yet mystical thing ever. The branches all twisted and bent like an evil old goblins fingers. The bark was so rough to touch that it often scared me, was this the skin of a goblin that was sleeping? Would my touch break the spell? It was not really ugly, you had to look up to see the magic. The branches had pretty chandeliers of lilac that twinkled in the sunlight. How could something so bent and twisted produce such beauty?

As a child, I would imagine the droppings were confetti that had been thrown at me on my wedding day and I was the beautiful bride in my floating gown. 

That tree had so many memories for me. 
When I grow up I will have a garden like this I would often tell myself. 

I have not achieved this dream yet, so this summer I want a pretty garden. Or at the very least as pretty as a garden can be with sons, footballs, and dogs. 

Gardening with fibromyalgia for me always results in a flare. Each year during Spring I have a little blitz of longing to feel soil under my nails and then end up in bed for a week or more with a flare. I simply can not do it anymore. Apologies if you read this blog with the hope for gardening tips to ease the pain. Nope sorry I am not the girl for you. 

I could write you a blog suggesting soft knee pads and modified weeding tools but I am a realistic chick, I could have the best aids and still my body would throw a hissy fit.

My one and only top tip for gardening is to make good use of the healthy able bodies around you. 

Being a Mum of sons I have delegated out all the manual jobs. 

This picture may not look like much to some but to me, it is a massive achievement. I sat on the floor and did some really gentle weeding. After ten minutes my shoulder hurt, my hand throbbed and my back shouted out in fear, but it is a start. This will be enough to get the ball rolling in the garden department and my not so merry workers will be out there soon. 

I even have big plans for my youngest, he likes growing things but is not too fussed on the manual stuff so he can grow me some rainbows. 

My back room is my little indoor garden. It is a real sun trap so the window ledge is where all my plants live. It is just the right height for me to admire them happily. I plan on growing a few tomatoes and maybe a strawberry plant, just for fun as I can not bend to plant them in my garden. 

Today has been such a beautiful spring sunny day here, it is still quite cool but the sunshine is inspirational to my soul. I have the gardening bug. By that, I mean the sun has inspired me to nag the men in my life to do the garden as I can not.

Sunshine days are greatly needed as my Vit D levels are at an all-time low. the joys of chronic illness life.

Can you still manage your garden? I know many ladies in our Women with Fibromyalgia group find it very therapeutic to be out in the sun gardening. Sadly for me, it is just foreplay for a flare.

Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. I so identify with your struggle. Many times I'm lying in bed looking at my garden thru a window. It's so sad and I feel a shadow of myself at times. But, a little at a time and we'll get there. Never give up or give into this monster.
    Thank you for your inspiration :)

  2. Wendy, I know that feeling so well, it can get me down but I have to keep on top of feeling as a shadow of old me. I actually now just think that is a different person, it is easier. I have garden envy when I am on my scooter taking my little son to school. I swear some people in my area comb their front garden grass it is so perfect.
    Huge love and hugs Wendy and thank you so much for finding me xxxx


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