Fibromyalgia Fun Bedding for under £15

Fibromyalgia warriors like us spend so much time within our comfort zone. My home is my sanctuary, my safe haven, my happy place and so I fill it with colour and fun. 

My bed is my happy place where I rest, sleep and often blog or crochet. It would break my heart if the bedding was dull and grey. Simple things like a bright coloured fun fabric can really cheer you up. It is something that is changeable and fibro friendly manageable to add some fun to a room without the aggravation of having to decorate. 

Bedding need not be super expensive. Many super markets here in the UK have upped their game on home furnishings and have an amazing array of dreamy items. If you are a online super market shopper like me then just get them delivered to your home. 

I have put together a collection of seven wonderful fun sets all from my local supermarket Asda. 
They are all under £15 so easily affordable for a treat. Just cut back on the shopping, the family will never know if you cut back a fiver each week. That is how I do it. 

Do you like fun bedding that makes you smile or are you a bit of a plane Jane kind of girl?

Hope you enjoyed my little look at supermarket fun bedding to brighten up your day and make your comfort zone more beautiful. I will be adding a lot more to this series of blogs as I really don't think our smiles should suffer because of social anxiety and needing to stay within our safe haven.

ಌ Love and gentle hugs to you all

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