Fibromyalgia and Selenium

Selenium is said to significantly improve fatigue levels, and noticeably reduces brain fog. New research has shown that selenium can help to improve Fibromyalgia. This is not surprising because this mineral is very important for the immune system, and fibromyalgia happens when there’s a problem with the immune system. Along with immune dysfunction, leaky gut, nutrient deficiencies, stress and hormone imbalances can also contribute to fibromyalgia.

Selenium is necessary for the production of selenoproteins, which are antioxidant enzymes that help to fight cellular damage caused by free radicals. A study published in the journal, “Rheumatology International” showed that increased levels of free radicals may be responsible for the development of fibromyalgia. Another study, published in the journal, “Toxicology Letters,” found significantly lower levels of selenium in people with fibromyalgia, compared to healthy individuals.

Selenium benefits the immune system in SO many ways. It is absolutely essential that we get enough selenium in order to deal with the day to day onslaught of pathogens that come into our environment on a daily basis. Yet most of us do not -and it not ONLY leaves us vulnerable to viral infections like influenza. But, a little-known function of selenium is that it also protects us from the VIRAL MUTATIONS that make viral infections like the flu change- making the virus MORE DEADLY than it would be in the face of proper selenium levels!

Love and gentle hugs to you all


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