45 things I wish I had known when I was younger.

The sun is out in all her wonderful glory and I am indoors with a mug of tea. Being unwell with a chronic illness can mean you are on social media way too much. I always try and inspire at least one person during my time living in the fish bowl of facebook. We all should really as adult women. Society needs some matriarchs as many young women do not have extended families or now grow up in close-knit communities.

Being a female is an honor for me. Having survived the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties free from social media was a blessing in my life. 

As a way of giving back I would like to share some of the wisdom learned over the years:

1. A family does not need to be a male, female and child to be a family. 

2. Being jealous in a relationship is pointless and toxic.

3. You can never change some people so direct your energy elsewhere.

4. Other people's opinions of you don't matter.

5. Everyone doesn’t have to like you and vice versa but you still need to be respectful.

6. You can use the delete option on social media guilt free.

7. Appreciate the small moments.

8. If it makes you happy then do it or you will be old and regret the chance.

9. Social media is filled with bullshit but it is still fun.

10. Don’t try to impress people you just look a sycophantic muppet.

11. Drinking lots of water is better than an expensive face cream.

12. Little things stick with you. So pay attention to them. Like watching your child sleep.

13. Not everybody finds their soul mate so do not waste your life looking.

14. Don’t believe everything you think, your mind can be a nasty bitch at times.

15. Another person will never complete you.

16. You will one day look back at photos and wish you could tell younger you just how beautiful you were.

17. No always means no.

18. You will discover more about what love is by appreciating what love is not.

19. Sometimes the shit life throws at you becomes heavy so pause, take a breath and know that it will always be fine eventually.

20. Fashion always repeats so don't throw out good clothing so easily.

21. You need to be kinder to yourself always.

22. Your dog is your real best friend. No matter what time of day they will always be there for you.

23. Men do not just like slender blonde floral dress swishing women.

24. You become your children's best friends. Well, you don't really but you convince yourself that you are and that is the same.

25. Being single can be fun.

26. Some people are only friends so long as you are paddling their boat for them, real friends are unconditional.

27. Always audit your circle and minimize or eliminate time with people who drain you.

28. The size of your clothes does not matter only you see the inside label.

29. You do not need long hair and big breasts to feel feminine.

30. Forgive your exes, they are irrelevant for your happiness now.

31. Life has no place for regrets, there were reasons behind the choices you made.

32. Don’t dwell on your wounds. Everyone has something that has caused pain and has been limiting them in some way

33. Your value is not based on beauty.

34. Nobody really cares what you look like on the beach, only you

35. Re-watching movies from your youth is a bad idea. (besides Grease and Wizard of Oz)

36. You develop a much greater respect for coffee and its importance in life.

37. Good eyebrows can act like a mini face lift.

38. If you have to force it, walk away as it is not worth the effort.

39. Do not force yourself to fit in where you don't belong.

40. Wider gussets are important in knickers.

41. It is ok to dislike someone so long as you are not mean and disrespectful.

42. Life is a boomerang, what you put out comes back to you.

43. Life is always your choice how you spend it.

44. We are all a little bit broken.

45. The energy you radiate introduces you even before you speak so keep it positive.

Can you think of any other words of wisdom we need to pass on to our younger people?
I could have continued with this list but I would have to make a new image for the blog and if there was going to be a number 46 it would be Ness know when to stop!

Love and gentle hugs to you all


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