Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind #3

Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind are just a small update on my inner thoughts and some of the images from my phone. I like to waffle on about things in general and this will be a great little read for my sons in later life. We often just look at our parents as parents, not that they are passionate little bundles of madness in their own right. Well, this is not completely true as my sons know my crazy ways better than most people. 

Last week was the week back after half term in school. I have loved every minute of being with my sons so their return to school always leaves a void in my day.  They are my best friends and we have such an amazing time together. We really do not get up to much as Fibromyalgia keeps us very limited but we still manage to be happy. 

As always crochet has played a massive part of my days, what did I do before mastering this skill?

The boys had a creative time they made delicious cake, calzones and played with salt dough. We designed and sewed some new wrestling attire, that was a challenge! I am nowhere near as fast at sewing as I am with crochet and it can be very stressful now trying to sew, but we got there together.

I was just about to end this with a free spirit quote then I realised the most free-spirited, rebellious thing I have done all week is change my crochet stitch or walk past the overdue library books on the bottom step of my stairs. 

Oh well, I am what I am...

 Love and gentle hugs to you all

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