Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind #2

Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind are just a small update on my inner thoughts and some of the images from my phone. 

This week I really need my body to behave and support me, I have a busy one with two parent duties that I have to step up and be Mum, a healthy Mum!  Tramadol will be needed both days I am sure, I have no option as I really do need to battle on. 

Found this on Pinterest and thought how true!!

If you follow my blog regular you will know I detoxed from Tramadol before Christmas. (Read How I became Tramadol free with scones)  The post-Christmas flare, cold weather days have left me no choice than to take tramadol again on the few days I needed it. So far I am just taking when the pain is unbearable, I have no shame in this, why hide the fact that this illness is cruel? 

It really does sadden me that so many of my American friends with fibro are being subjected to such stupid changes to their medications. 

I was proud that I was able to detox from a medication but that does not make me think other women should be forced to. This was my personal choice. This is also a medication that I have had to take since as fibromyalgia is so painful. 

For now, I am no longer in a marriage with Tramadol it is just like friends with benefits relationship now.  

I finally got around to finishing my knitted blanket, it has taken about a year, maybe more. Knitting for me is a lot slower than crochet as I have to stop due to pain in my wrists and arm. Crochet is easier on me and so long as I am comfortable it doesn't hurt.

Mr 13 claimed the blanket as his own. It is so sweet watching him get snuggly warm after school in something I made with love. It really does make me smile.

When I am on the school run in the morning I often stop and smile at silly little things that some people may take for granted. Baby snails, blobs of water on moss and beautiful colour of green moss against old gravestones made me stop and smile. 

Can't you tell green is my favourite colour?

When Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind are still not complete and published in a blog by the Thursday, you know it is a mind frazzled with fog. I have struggled so much writing such few words. Often my vocabulary seems scattered all over the floor like clothes. When the clothes are hanging neatly in the wardrobe the words flow but fibro fog and pain is making them scattered and so difficult to pick what goes where to form a sentence. I do this also with talking, doesn't help social anxiety when you struggle to find words or make sense of spoken words. 

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I need to sleep now, feeling content, foggy, cold and shivery so bed is the best place for me.

Love and gentle hugs to you all

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