Because I am only human.

I had a wonderful idea of ignoring everything I know about Fibromyalgia and doing the opposite this week to see if I was cured. Apparently, I am not.
Why do we push ourselves beyond what we know our limits are?
Why do we think a good day equals you are cured?

The weather became a little milder for a day or so and I had a huge urge to become old me again. I don't know why really as the person I am now is happy but something inside wanted old Ness back.

I guess it is hope.
Hope that one day you will wake up and it will be gone. 
Surely that can happen? 
Can it? 
I have heard of people going into a remission phase so can I have that, please?

If I did wake up one day and I was cured would I still be this appreciative of the small simple moments in life? 

I want to stay happy but just to not hurt for one day would be wonderful.                                                                                 
To be so full of energy and to walk and walk and walk with no aftermath, that would be bliss! I don't think it is daft or crazy to have hope. It is not a sign that we have not accepted the illness thrust upon us it is just a happy little daydream that keeps us going. 

In many ways, Fibromyalgia has made me a better person. A happier calmer person that loves life and simple pleasures so much more. I am content, happy and I really like who I am now so why do I still want to run in the park with the boys, disco dance till my feet hurt in heeled shoes, walk along beaches for miles looking for fossils with the boys?
Because I am only human.
Love and gentle hugs to you all


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