A quick visit to London with Mr 18

I don't think I will ever love London, it has some beautiful buildings and wonderful heritage but it blows my mind how fast the pace of life is for people in the capital.

We spent a lovely day in the South as Mr 18 had a university interview.  

London is so easily accessible now thanks to wonderful Virgin Trains. They are so comfortable, loads of leg room, toilet facilities, snack carriage and have a quiet train for passengers that prefer less noise. Great for people like me with sensory overload. I honestly can not sing their praises enough. Sadly the city itself is a nightmare for people with mobility issues so we did struggle a little. I guess it is better to spend time planning a route and access if you want to visit busy places.

Help is available from the Information Point or at Mobility Assistance Reception. This includes disabled assistance to and from platforms, the car park, and the taxi rank and drop off area. 

Regardless of this, I find Euston station like panic attack city! I do suffer from social anxiety so it is not the best place for me. Lots of deep breaths and inner Zen.
The place baffled me. People walk in lines like Zombies in the Walking Dead, most too busy they can't even stand still on an escalator so people follow the silent rule of regular folk stand to the right and speed freaks whizz up fast. 

How much of life and the small stuff must these people miss?

How do their brains ever rest? 

Cars and taxi's beep-beeping all day, my head was in such a swirl.

I was blessed as my son was amazing and completely understood all my needs. He holds my hand when I need reassuring and waits patiently when I have to rest.

Once out of Euston Station I recommend getting the number 59 bus to the Imperial War Museum. Buses may take a little longer but they are more easily accessible for mobility difficulties and are less stressful. It takes approximately thirty minutes on the bus. 

Alternatively, if mobility is not an issue for you then catch the Northern line to the Elephant and Castle tube station. Totally false advertising as there are no elephants and no castle. 

The Imperial War Museum is amazing and a must for everyone young and old. Such a beautiful yet sad place as so many gave up their lives yet we are still not a peaceful world. 

The university was located near to the wonderful Imperial War Museum London.  Oh wow, what an amazing place! We were gutted we did not have longer in there. I wanted to read everything and look at everything, next time I will plan a full day. 

I have promised the youngest two sons we will go there in the summer holidays, they are so excited. I just need to recover from this visit first, oh my poor body is hurting.

I love the history behind the two wars and the people who lost their lives to make mine a safer place. We were always taught a very bias one-sided view of WW1 and WW2 in school when I was younger and in such a boring way, thankfully times have changed and my two are sponges for knowledge about this part of history. 

Imperial War Museums is a British national museum organisation with branches at five locations in England, three of which are in London, it is a place I have always wanted to go to.

The museum is open 10 am to 6 pm each day and is completely FREE. 

IWM London is located in Zone 1 of Central London within the Congestion Charge zone and there is limited parking near the museum.
Free parking for blue badge holders.  To book in advance of your visit, please get in touch. with them. Parking must be booked two working days in advance and bookings for Monday need to be made by Friday at 5 pm.  Bookings can also be made by calling 020 7416 5000. Spaces are limited and subject to availability.
The Imperial War Museum can not be faulted for the service they offer to disabled and people with poor mobility. They offer:
  • Free wheelchairs for loan, subject to availability.
  • Portable, lightweight folding stools available from the Information Desk on level 0
  • All lifts in the museum are wheelchair accessible and have audio announcements
  • Step-free access to the museum via the West Entrance
  • 10 accessible toilets located on levels 0 - 3

I am feeling more human now after a lot of pain killers and a day in bed with a hot water bottle yesterday and the same today. Things like this are unavoidable being a single parent. I would have been lost without my Mum for looking after my youngest for me as he had a poorly tummy, she is my world. Of all the days to be unwell, it was the day I was not here, but Nanny is super. 

Laying in bed at 2 am unable to move as the pain was so intense did make me question my sanity but my sons will always be worth a flare. 

Maybe in years to come when they go to visit places with their children they will look back and tell someone, “My Mum had Fibromyalgia but she loved me so much. She did what she could when she could and said I was worth a flare.” That kind of love can’t be replaced or stolen by this horrible illness.

My children will always be worth every last ounce of energy. 

Love and gentle hugs to you all


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