Sunday thoughts from a fibromyalgia mind

Life lately has been a special kind of wonderful as I had a few days of feeling good, this is always something to be celebrated.

Thankfully the tramadol detox symptoms diminished leaving a different me. This is why I have been quiet for a few days as it was a period of readjustment. I had a management plan in place to balance living with Fibromyalgia and now each area needed to be tweaked in accordance. It is a constant management of life, you always have to stay one step ahead of the illness, (if you can!)

Pain is different, sleep is different, I am less bloated and constipated, taste buds are different, migraine is different......I feel different.

I am shattered after yesterday's over-doing-it-day. The boys had a long day in Wrestling. Their smiles powered me on but today hurts with the force of a brutal beating with a baseball bat. It happens and it will pass.

Today rather than wallow in the run of goodness coming to a halt I have opted to call it a blip, a recharge and have a reflective day. I am camera mad, much to the annoyance of my sons so today's therapy has been looking through the memories captured on my phone.

I feel in a really happy positive place at the moment and I am not allowing anything to spoil that. So excited about Christmas with my boys and my beautiful family.

Smiling at life and it is smiling back.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all

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