Snow in the Middle-East?

Yesterday was a beautiful day it was full of new experiences. Little Mr 10 was so proud as he stood in the living room declaring he was alive and had survived the long walk home from school alone. (5 Mins around the corner) What a marvelous coincidence that at the exact minute he was turning the corner to cross our road, I was on the step as I had "just opened the door to the postman, wink wink" It is so difficult sometimes loosening the umbilical cord, especially on my youngest.

Same day Mr 13 had a hormonal man rant as he tried to stamp his authority on a laptop charger, this really did come as a shock as he is the most mellow child ever. Definitely buying a new one today as I can not be doing with a "Mum, tell him... it's mine!" tea time again.

Also, I went out last night to watch my eldest in his band. This sounds almost Rock Chick but reality is I was I had a bath and had my hair done, this drained me so had to go back to bed for a few hours. The joy of getting ready was always my favourite but now it is a slow balanced process. I was out with my Mum, sister and my sister's mother in law. My Dad drove us there and my nephew collected us and I had earplugs. I felt tipsy on two halves of Guinness, had a mini "old man in a flat cap" rant about the Guinness being served in an Ice cream parlour glass and then went on J2O (Pure Orange in a Bottle) as the tipsy was not nice.

But as I crawled into bed after eating the leftover piece of Marks and Spencer Yule Log I did say to myself, "you are a rock chick, Ness".

Having a new facebook profile picture of you masquerading as a human may not be much to some people but it really does keep the fire lit in my soul. I look at myself now back in pyjamas and it makes me smile.

Today is all about Christmas smiles. I am going to attempt wrapping a few presents as I sing "Away in a manger" to Maggie my little dog next to me. If one song could melt my heart and remind me of the true meaning of Christmas it is this song. I am not very religious, I guess I lost my faith over the years but there is something so magical about Christmas, baby Jesus and love that gets me every year.

This manger is one of my treasured possessions. I was eight months pregnant with my eldest son when we bought it. My husband laughed as I fell in love with it and have loved it ever since.

The roof needed some repair last year so Grandad forgetting that my sons are geographically correct fixed it and put snow on it.

"Snow in the Middle-East?"

Love and gentle hugs to you all


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