My new flask celebration.

Yesterday I got super excited showing the boys my new flask. I often find a role reverse with the boys and I and this was one of them moments. I eagerly awaited to show them my new gadget and I proudly stood with a smile as big as my head and an expression like a pre-school child showing off their new shoes. Although sadly within today's parenting that "look of pride" is often stripped from childhood as children get so many pairs of shoes. It totally baffles me why people buy a small growing child so many shoes that are expensive and they never get wear out of them. Mine always had one pair of fitted Clarks shoes and they loved them, they stood so proudly showing them to all the family, smiling down at their feet with pride.

Yes, I have digressed, it happens...

So back to my proud face showing my new flask that earned me an excited hug from Mr 10 and the usual loving, "Mum, you are so cute, you are just like a little excitable fat cute child trapped in a Mum body." sentence from Mr 13. He loves my excitable ways and says he never missed a nerdy baby sister as he had one in me! (I take that as a compliment)

I am Mum to my boys but my boys often Mum me, it is our caring way and I would not change it for the world. Draconian parenting was never on my agenda.

Being a mum with illness means the guilt will always be there for all that they have to miss out on by having a non-able bodied mum, they never grumble or complain so when they asked a couple of months back to start Saturday morning training I knew this was something I HAD to do for them. Words alone can not express how happy I am to have made this jump out of my comfort zone, their smiles keep me going.

"How many wake up's till Saturday Mum?" if I had a pound for every time I hear this!

Each week I have added something new to bring with me to make the morning more tolerable. My first major hurdle was sensory overload as the hall they train in is so bright and loud it physically hurt. Each week I have a new hurdle to jump metaphorically speaking as my little legs would just cry at the sight of hurdles!

The boys pointed out to me a few weeks back and we giggled as Mr 13's rucksack is more like a toddler bag filled with my bits and bobs.

I realised I needed my back brace with a heat patch and some crochet to pass the time and take my mind off the pain.

I needed a cushion.

I needed a cup of tea from the cafe as I was cold.

I needed thermals as I struggle with the lack of heat.

I needed extra pain relief.

I needed earplugs as sensory overload was horrible.

I needed a heat patch on my wrist.

I needed more than one cup of tea but Mr 13 could not get me one as he was training.... I needed a flask!

My beautiful silver flask is just one more thing that gets me through the morning then I crash in bed and Mr 20 takes over. I never thought in all my life that I would be so proud to own a flask but I am. Fibromyalgia changes you completely as a person and now I look upon things so differently. Something like earplugs or a flask that makes my day easier is something to be celebrated. If you have an illness and never reach out for new aids and objects to make your life better then you are missing out.

Always look for ways to improve your life with illness. Yes, I probably look like a complete idiot in training with earplugs, tinted glasses, a flask, crochet, my woolies to keep me warm.. but I really do not care if it gets me there and keeps the boys happy, that happiness is beautiful and makes me feel like a real Mummy again.

Don't let pride get in the way of accepting aids within your day. My life now is filled with them and I really do appreciate life so much better because of them.


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