Having a good day does not make me cured of Fibromyalgia

The thing about Fibromyalgia is that many of us have "Good Days" and this alone can be so confusing to many people so I have dedicated a blog to describe my good days. 

Firstly, having a good day does not make me cured of fibromyalgia. My version of a good day is not the same as a healthy person's version of a good day. I completely understand why people become confused with Fibromyalgia and why I often hear statements such as:

"You don't look ill"
"You look the picture of health" 
"Are you better now?"

For many people, this can cause upset as they feel this is an insult for all that they suffer daily. They find it ignorant that society does not grasp the term "invisible illness" but I take it as a compliment.

I actually love the fact that I can post a photo on social media and feel like old Ness again. Often that photo is taken in the morning of a good day. I get loads of "likes" complements and confident boosts. It is irrelevant to me that by lunchtime I am back in my pyjamas and on the couch or in bed with exhaustion. I have had that little boost and it raises my spirits.

When I have had a good day it does not mean I have varied much from my usual routine. I still spend my day in my chair doing crochet but calling it a good day implies I am not in a lot of pain. Chronic fatigue never falters, that is the same every day but on a good day, I will fall asleep with remnants of red lipstick on. A bad day there is no red lipstick in my world as I can't even manage a wash let alone full war paint!

  • A good day makes me feel more balanced. 
  • A good day means I enjoy my food.
  • A good day means I laugh more.
  • A good day means I can walk up the stairs not as slowly and with fewer sound effects.
  • A good day means I smile more with a selfie boost of confidence.
  • A good day means I will manage a small job in the house that has been on my list. This could be folding up clothes in the washing basket, simple jobs not major ones. 
  • A good day means I may have makeup on for the school run in the morning.
  • A good day means I will be able to post something on social media about it being a good day.
A good day doesn't mean I am cured. I am still in pain, I am still exhausted with chronic fatigue but it is at a balanced level that feels better for that day and so I am grateful. 

Special occasions I can "tramadol up" so I can manage to be out, but the fall afterwards is harsh. Taking strong pain relief to mask the pain always results in a flare after an event. Often if it is something for the children it is worth the pain afterwards, they are my world! 

. If you have a loved one with Fibromyalgia, please do not spoil their good days by assuming they are cured. 

The term chronic illness means that we don't get better. We don't get cured. Some people, the lucky ones can go into remission for a while and become symptom-free but it always returns. 

The only people I know that claim they are cured often want to sell me a book about their findings.

We just try our best to find balance in our day and some days are a little easier than others so we call this a good day.

Love and hugs


  1. This is so important and something I don't think healthy people really can conceptualize unless they become sick or have close contact with someone who is chronically ill. I know its hard for some of my friends to "get" that I may never get better or that sometimes I get worse for NO reason. People are just used to health being very black and white and this extends to judging us on how we appear. Thank you <3

    1. Thank you so much. So sorry for my late reply I have been so bogged down over the winter months I totally forgot about blog comments. Huge love and hugs Ness xxxx

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