Fibromyalgia, Christmas prep and feeling like a snail on valium.

Christmas next week and I feel like a snail on valium. I would usually say a sloth but this week I am slower than that. It was a planned flare so I am not really moaning.

Back in July, I anticipated this week when I booked the tickets for the panto with the boys.

This is a prime example of how far in advance we balance our lives. How sometimes we know we will cause a flare but we do it anyway. If you are unsure what I mean when I say "A FLARE" then maybe read one of my previous blogs, What a fibro flare feels like.

So that is me this week but the boy's smiles were worth it.

We went to watch Snow White at the theatre. Nothing like a good panto to bring the Christmas cheer.

I am not sure if I am in a flare because of overdoing it or the shock of Snow White having blonde hair. Many things in life I have turned a blind eye to but changing my childhood favourite Disney characters hair colour will never be one of them!

Without a doubt, this is the first Christmas I am not organised. I can never recall a time as a Mother that the boy's Christmas presents are not wrapped yet. Luckily I do not beat myself up over things like this, it will get done when I am feeling a bit better next week. I guess the past two weeks were also out of bounds as my youngest was off school unwell. It would have been mean to disappear upstairs for hours when a little man needs his Mum.

This year's prep has been quite stress-free. Completed all my gift shopping online and arranged delivery for days when Mr 20 was not in University so would open the door. (Nothing worse than having to get off the couch or bed fast enough to get a parcel)

Christmas clothes for the boys bought online.
Food shopping will be an online event also. (Already pre-booked the delivery times with Tesco)

Our home is decorated, thanks to Mr 20, Mr 13 and Mr 10 (I will grab some photos in the daylight to share as they do it so pretty)

Christmas dinner is booked at Nannie and Grandad's house.
I can just get in my Mum's big bed if I get tired and feel like a child again in her room.

How wonderful is blogging for mental clarity? Prior to this I felt disorganised yet now it is written down I feel positively content with all the plans in place and the support I have had.

So what am I most excited for with Christmas?
Getting a photo of my five sons together and them not moaning as they hate photos. They know how much it means to me and they willingly oblige one day of the year. I have included last years photo of my men. I am a very lucky Mum, I know.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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