Back to basics with blogging.

I have been blogging now since March 2015 and in that short space of time, I have changed my blog so many times. Often you are influenced by other bloggers and try your best to become a better blogger. There is so much advice out there, tips and information to help you to grow.

Other people's blogs seem so much more structured and professional, the creative mind is always comparing even if the hippie soul tells it to stop. 

When you have a chronic illness, time online is as draining as running a marathon. Endless hours of tweaking my blog, transforming it to become self-hosted, updating information on the home page and keeping up with the Jones' drained the life out of me! 

I read a book recently, that made me think, a lot!
This book I will be sharing with you as I am reviewing it for the Chronic Illness Bloggers. 
Sometimes you just read things and they hit you like a bolt of lightening, this book did. 

Why am I not enjoying blogging? Because I made it too stressful, too unlike me. It all became so much like hard work. I am not a professional blogger. I do not want to make money or a career from blogging, I just want to waffle words and hope that some of my words make someone smile. 

With this in mind, I have ditched the self-hosting and returned to my trusty Blogger.
Biggest is not best.
If you pay for something it does not make it better.

Being professional is about being true and honest in my eyes. If I am frowned upon within the blogging community for having a instead of posh domain self-hosted blog then so be it. I was always a fish finger butty with a can of dandelion and burdock girl when others preferred steak and champagne. 

You are what you are.
I like simplicity and stress-free. 

Love and hugs


  1. Ahh! I have blogged daily for over 4 years on the free blogspot...I know exactly what you mean about being frowned upon for using it. Lots of people go on and on saying you need a proper url or to be self hosted! Hmmf. I am not looking to make a living from blogging. I am sent things to review and that is enough for me. There is so much pressure put on bloggers now. I am quite alright just blogging my own way.
    Good for your for doing what suits you too x

    1. Thank you so much. So sorry for my late reply I have been so bogged down over the winter months I totally forgot about blog comments. Huge love and hugs Ness xxxx


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