Survived the school holiday flare free!

Nearly 6am and the start of a new school week after half term always makes me sad. I usually spend the day in bed recovering and feeling slightly lost without my two little partners in crime.

School holidays are magical.

I always feel guilty that I can not do all the things I would like to with the boys. Summer sunshine school holidays tug on my emotions immensely yet this Autumn one has been wonderful. I have balanced my days so well and even battled through a nasty nausea day.

As a family, we enjoy simple things like pizza night on Saturday and catching up with Holby (British Hospital TV Program) The boys love a trip to our home city but we never managed that this holiday as I did not want to flare, they were fine about it and never grumbled once.

My biggest challenge was a long day at wrestling with them last Saturday. The boy's train at a local wrestling club, this is their big passion and one that is easy for me to maintain as a chronic ill Mum. We go there each Saturday morning and as it is indoors I sit with a cup of tea, a heat patch on my back, ear plugs in (it is very noisy and I have sensory overload) and crochet. Once a month it is a very long day as they have training and a show afterward. Again I have the luxury of a comfortable chair, but the fact I am out of the house and can not have a sleep when the wall of lethargy hits is so challenging, it completely wipes me out!

We went to watch Dr. Strange in the cinema, Oh wow what a film! You owe it to yourself to watch it but I am a Marvel nerd so obviously, I am biased. That was another challenging moment, vomiting and nausea in the cinema reminded me of my pregnancy days but without the joy of feeling a human snuggle growing inside me.

What has kept me relaxed and calm this holiday? 
Besides my sons it has to be crochet, how have I coped so long without this passion. It is so enjoyable and so much less painful that knitting.

Going to miss my little men, but today I need a bed day so secretly I am grateful of school as I can rest completely guilt free.

Did you survive the school holiday?

Love and hugs


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