One small positive thought

This weekend has been such a lovely one it deserved a blog. Nothing spectacular has happened in terms of celebrations or family meals out, it was simply beautiful in its own normal way.

From spending my time in bed with my hot water bottle and crochet to cleaning the poo from my Maggies bum (our little Shih Tzu dog), bathing our baby tortoise to drinking tea with my feet up at the boys training session, I have felt blessed.

Last night I had a lovely evening with my eldest home for the night. He bought me a beautiful new bag and such a lovely card that melted my heart. He is my first son to move out and having him home again now and then is so magical. I cherish the time now with my other four sons so much more as I know it goes so fast. I blinked and my eldest was a man.

I may have a chronic illness but I am a very lucky woman. I have five sons, two dogs, a baby tortoise, a warm home, food in the cupboards, clean water, and a million other things.

Health wise I have developed cystitis and an abscess to mixing pot of illness. Back pain and leg pain has been raging this weekend and the cold of autumn is taking its toll on overall body pain, but I am happy.

One small positive thought can change your whole day.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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