Fibromyalgia and pincer grip

One of the problems with Fibromyalgia that I also have is dyspraxia. People who have dyspraxia often find the routine tasks of daily life such as driving, household chores, cooking and grooming difficult. People with dyspraxia usually have a combination of problems, one of them for me is fine motor coordination skills (small movements) this manifests itself in a whole area one. One of the problems is my pincer grip.

Fine motor movements involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers. Strong fine motor skills are essential to complete tasks such as writing, cutting, using a fork or spoon, threading beads, moving puzzle pieces, zipping, buttoning, and tying shoelaces.

When I have to perform tasks the grip is poor and I suffer terrible pain radiating down my right arm. My current medical treatment is cortisone injections into my shoulder, this has been found to reduce the pain a little. I had my last treatment only a week or so ago so I have not yet felt its benefits.

Alongside medicine, I always try to find coping mechanisms to help me. I needed ways to strengthen my non-dominant hand to help reduce pain.

Nearly all fine motor activities, including cutting and writing, require a dominant hand (being left-handed or right-handed) and a non-dominant hand. While the dominant hand performs tasks such as using a pencil or scissors, the non-dominant hand acts as the “stabilizer.” For example, one hand holds the scissors when cutting while the other hand moves the paper.

I have found crafting a great help as it not only has a positive effect on strengthening my non-dominant hand and fine motor coordination skills, it is so relaxing also.

One of the things I enjoy is Hama Beads. Yes, it is a child's toy but who cares? Things such as this and threading beads were designed to help fine motor coordination skills in children so they are superb.

Hama beads are tiny little plastic tubes that you arrange on a tray that has little spikes of plastic (see image) Once you have made your pretty design you melt the beads with an iron and the plastic fuses together.

So much fun!

It takes me for ages to do, but time is something that I have due to being chronically ill.

If you are looking for a little hobby then this is a super relaxing one. All the coasters in my house are made from Hama beads that I have made while being poorly sick.

Why not have a go?
Just type Hama Beads into google and it will tell you where you can buy yours.

Happy beading!

Love and hugs


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