Fibromyalgia analogy that is easy to understand.

Since receiving a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia often I look around me for ways to explain how it really feels. People understand analogies so much better I often find. Many people have read a small synopsis of a medical condition and do not understand as it is so difficult to remove themselves from their present state to that of long-term illness.

I was asked by my son this week, "How are you Mum after Sunday?"
My reply as always was an honest one, an analogy that is easy to understand.

Fibromyalgia can take many forms within my day and as a Mother, Daughter, Sister and friend so I do find that communicating EXACTLY how I am feeling is key to getting the best support possible. There is no point hiding how I truly feel by simply saying, "I am fine."

At the weekend we had a family day out, it was a lovely day on a guided historical tour of my home city. The boys and I adore history and architecture so it was an ideal afternoon for us. Armed with strong pain relief I got through the afternoon with a smile. They boys were superb and all in all, it was a success.

It is a blessing as a parent to observe your children's quest for knowledge. Their smiles and enthusiasm are a therapy to me.

Many times as a parent we need to participate in life even though you know it will make you pay for it afterward through pain and a flare in every symptom. This is my current state, this week I feel broken inside.

The best analogy would be a fancy smashed vase. The ones that are a solid structure of what seems like small shattered cloured glass bound together. I woke Monday morning at 5am literally feeling like I had been smashed into tiny pieces and should be in a pile on the floor.

Every bone inside my body feeling brittle, shattered and broken.
Every ligament, joint aching like it is torn and smashed.

Why do we allow ourselves to participate in life only to lose days to extreme pain?
For me, it is because being solid yet broken inside like shattered glass held together by that moment passed, a family time is so worth it as children's smiles are therapy.

So now armed with another memory I start again to balance, recover and heal.

Love and gentle hugs xxx


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