Vital Plan Restore Program Review

For anyone new to my blog I am a forty-four-year-old lady with chronic illness. Looking back I have had some nasty invisible illness for most of my adult life. Fibromyalgia was the one that metaphorically speaking "broke me."

My profession prior to illness was a Complementary Therapist and a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists within the United Kingdom. Viewing health and wellness holistically are my passion.

2013 was the year that Fibromyalgia entered my life. I refused to acknowledge it for the first year or so, carried on regardless living from flare to flare until  I became too ill to function. This was when I took time out to listen to my body. During this time I passed through the five stages of grief as I mourned the person I once was then eventually I began to accept and embrace illness, I came out of the chronic illness closet. {Read Accepting my life with Fibromyalgia}

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the chronic illness bloggers network   Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

As part of the Chronic illness bloggers, I was asked to review a new restore program for chronic illness. it was the herbal and antioxidant package to boost your immune system and overall health. 

"The goal of the program is to place your body in an environment for optimal healing."

This program offers support for Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue sufferers, giving them a new zest for life.
  1. Support the immune system with adaptogenic herbal extracts.
  2. Balance the microbiome and support normal gut flora.
  3. Features plant based antimicrobials for natural support. 
  4. Maintain energy levels by supporting energy production.

Okay, I thought, I just need to take a few tablets and see how I go?

I couldn't be more wrong it was a lot more than simply popping pills!! 

The program is an intensive monthly package of supplements morning and night, eating plan, foods to avoid to give your digestion optimal recovery, six-month email course, progress reports, reading the material and online personal support line! 

Hells bloody bells this is huge I was scared at this stage what I had let myself in for. 

I had tried and failed swanky diet plans and was not ready for a new lifestyle change. I began to allow my head to take over and believe me it came up with some whopper reasons why I should not take part in this. 

The email course arrived and as I opened the email my brain exploded. I can't do it, nope this is not for me. I was so overwhelmed I just shut the email and vowed never to return. 

This was all too much, I was ill and had no room in my life for this!!

The very next day the brown box of supplements arrived. It was a lovely box packaged so well.  All new and crisp packaging separated into the months with literature and an overwhelming feeling of, "Ness you are special." 

Maybe I will have a look inside then as it would be a shame not to. 

Our minds are so powerful at convincing us that we are not strong enough when really we are. 

In the words of Susan Jeffers, "feel the fear and do it anyway" 

In her 5 truths about the fear she says, "pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the bigger underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness!" {source}

The bottles were exciting and compelled me to read. 
The ingredients were exciting and ignited my passion for herbs and alternative medicine. I often have a rant about the misuse of herbs and availability to purchase them over the counter with no clear knowledge of dosage and advice. I am a firm believer that only qualified herbalists and doctors should administer herbs, here in my hand I held four bottles that a professional had designed, monitored and researched especially for people like me! 

"The antimicrobial properties of herbs are different than synthetic antibiotics. In many ways, herbs are more sophisticated. This is because plants have to deal with microbial threats just like we do, and plants have evolved complex biochemical solutions over millions of years." 

The fear soon turned to excitement. 
THIS is what I needed. 

The fear of receiving the emails, the excitement of the supplements arriving and the willingness to try a new plan made me dive right in a start at once.

Hindsight is a marvelous thing, I should have done the shopping first!

The restoration protocol is divided into four phases. During the initial Healing Phase, all foods that can potentially disrupt digestive dysfunction are eliminated to allow the gut to heal. This phase typically lasts two weeks to two months, depending on the level of dysfunction present.

The was sound advice that we all should adhere to yet don't. Things such as eating quality food, eating more slowly and chewing food thoroughly.

List of foods that are low in lectins, oxalate, toxins, and other factors contributing to food reactions

I did laugh when I read the list to avoid as how ironic, this was the food that forms the main structure of my diet, and I thought I was healthy for me.

Peanut butter...I am sorry they said you are bad now!

Apparently, with time and effort, the digestive function will return to normal. I will always have to watch what I eat, but making healthful foods a central part of my life will enhance my recovery overall.

"Supplements alone are not enough. You must create a healing environment within your body."

I have known for some time that a complete plan like this was what I needed, I never knew one existed. Months back I commenced complex research into what supplements are best to combat all my symptoms resulted in a massive list of very expensive supplements. I went to my local health food store and tried to obtain them but the dosage was inadequate, the staff (although very helpful) were not qualified to help me and so I abandoned this idea months ago.

I have always said I would love to get signed into a hospital and thoroughly examined by both conventional and alternative practitioners. Then undergo a retreat and get some goodness back into my life. It really does break my heart when so many people are placed on a pharmaceutical conveyor belt and spoon fed conventional medicine to combat symptoms of illness, then symptoms of the medication. Being a complementary therapist I have always been interested in the core or the illness what is stoking the flames of the illness and then how to restore equilibrium. 

This is what I feel I have with the Vital Plan Restore Programme and why I am so excited about it. I really could kick my own legs for listening to my own fears or why this plan was not for me. 

If this program is all it claims to be then this will be a milestone in my life just as acceptance was.

"Coping during acute recovery is not about making gourmet meals or deriving pleasure from food. The focus is satisfying hunger with nutritious foods that will enhance your recovery—nothing more."

Here are some of the foods I ate during the first few weeks:

To date, my greatest finding during this program is my intolerance of dairy products. I never once considered that daily was an issue for me. During the first few weeks, I swapped to nondairy. I often use almond milk with cereal so I never thought the amount used in tea would be substantial to show any benefit in elimination. I was wrong. After a few weeks of nondairy, the herbal supplements to heal my gut I noticed a massive improvement to my digestive system. One day I found myself without nondairy milk so reached for the cow stuff in my fridge. That day I suffered terrible with the wind, cramps and bloating so large it made me look pregnant!

Never again, oat milk is my life now.

Four weeks into the plan I was starting to notice a difference. My fibromyalgia symptoms were still raging but other areas were balancing such as general bloating and bowel movements. My body felt less congested and more free flowing, peristalsis was flowing in full function.

I can not lie I was finding the diet plan way too strict for me. To last for four weeks was a challenge!
Finding an achievable balance was what I have continued with. We eat mostly clean meals made from the basic ingredients so I am still being "Good." The problem for me was implementing it into family life. If I lived alone or with a partner I suspect it would be easier. My sons mostly do the cooking and it was selfish of me to ask them to cook two different meals. They already do so much for me as a family. The eating clean has been a big boost of nutrients for the family as a whole.

What I enjoyed most about the plan were the emails. The information was superb and so interesting. Each day I would be sent a different subject to read about. I particularly enjoyed the Medication ones. They offered a section discussing conventional medicine and then offered natures finest. For me, it was just enough to read without feeling overloaded (Books are a huge difficulty for me with Fibromyalgia)

Being a holistic therapist by profession has already enabled me to treat my illness as a whole. I rejected all forms of Fibromyalgia medication as I have huge issues with some of the treatment that is given to people on diagnosis. I never wanted to start treating an illness with medication then spending the rest of my life looking for further medication to treat the side effects of the first medication. This is something I have always been adamant about with my care. My doctor still tries to offer it me but for me, this is not an option. There is no one pill cures all treatment and it saddens me so many are on the wrong treatment and believe their symptoms are due to Fibromyalgia when they are simply side effects of the medication they are on. I could rant about pharmaceutical companies for hours but I often feel it simply causes a scare approach. I am not fully against ALL conventional medication but I am against the ones offered for Fibromyalgia such as Pregabalin (Lyrica.) 

Fibromyalgia needs to be treated and managed holistically as it is like a chain of many links. They all interlock to make it complete. There are many aspects that you need to address, diet is simply one link. It infuriates me when people claim that diet alone can offer relief, it can not it is only one part of the link. 

The program is like a foundation to start and build upon. For some, it may be a totally whole new approach to illness and will be a massive lifestyle change. For others like myself, it will be a reiteration of knowledge that had become fogged and forgotten. It will change the way you look at healthy eating. Certain "healthy options" are not a good choice for the journey to recovery. 

Please always remember that the Vital Plan Restore Programmer is a journey to recovery, not a cure. There is no cure. If you are doing this for a complete return to your former self then I think it is wrong for you at this stage of your acceptance. You need to come to terms with grieving the old you and accept that recovery will not be a miracle. Old you are gone as it that way of life before the illness. You need to focus on recovery being a balance of control of symptoms and feeling healthier within the limitations of illness. 

The ingredients within the plan's supplements are too vast to list so have a read from their web page about each one and the function it has {Link to Ingredients on Vital Plan Page}

The program I was on is the Restore Program 

The cost for this is £248 ($325) 

For this you receive:

I started the plan at the end of May 2016 and the biggest shock for me now is my intolerance to tea and coffee. I constantly craved this drink throughout the day prior to commencing yet now my body will only allow one, maybe two cups in the morning then I feel unwell if I have anymore. I replaced my craving with water and my skin is now glowing.

My digestive system is totally different now and constipation is no longer a problem for me. For this alone, it was completely worth it. I always wanted to strengthen my digestive system.

Fibromyalgia symptoms remain in full swing. Lethargy and pain have not altered at all. I am not really surprised about this as it is very early days on a lifestyle plan. I was never expecting a miracle and like anything in life, it takes time. When evaluating the difference and changes since commencement I have noticed changes and even small steps in the right direction with a chronic illness are to be celebrated.

Natural healing is a lot slower than pharmaceutical/conventional medicine, but for me, natural healing has the most powerful results long term.

Not many companies offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee:

"We offer a 100% refund on unopened supplements within 90 days of purchase (minus Probiotic Blend), less the cost of shipping and handling. Refunds will be issued once we receive the returned products; any sales tax will be refunded in full.
For opened or used supplements, we offer a 50% refund within 90 days of purchase, less the cost of shipping and handling. Refunds will be issued once we receive the returned products; any sales tax will be refunded in full.
Program fees, books and consultation calls are final sale."

Let me know if you are thinking of trying this plan, I would love to know how you get on.

My review only covers the time span that I was on the program. Obviously the journey to recovery does not end here. If you are interested in reading how the program works long term then I can not recommend enough this blog February Stars. 

Donna at February Stars is a fellow chronic illness blogger. Her blog is one of my favourite Fibromyalgia blogs. Donna has been following the program for well over 18 months now so have a read of her recovery and how she was so inspired by Vital Plan.

The team at Vital Plan are so helpful and friendly so I am sure they will help you in any way. They have a great social media presence so you can follow them here:

Love and gentle healing hugs

Ness xx


  1. Interesting, I attended a six week course on diet and nutrition which sounds similar and I too have found I don't drink copious amounts of tea and coffee anymore, but love water now or herbal tea. I have also given up milk. It is a slow process trying to eliminate foods that you used to crave but slowly but surely I am getting there. It hasn't had a dramatic effect on my fibromyalgia but I know it will take time. I am on the drug pregabalin and I must say you have now really worried me. I also have an illness that causes a chronic cough this drug halved my cough, I also couldn't get out of bed until I started on it. While I agree and my doctor agrees that copious amounts of drugs are not good nor do they necessarily help fibromyalgia symptoms, together we weighed up the quality of my life compared to the side effects and found it was worth it. Funnily other drugs prescribed have had really adverse reactions so I take that as my body rejecting them. Thank you for an interesting article

    1. Hi Sal thanks for commenting. That is so interesting that we both can not tolerate tea and coffee now. With regards to the usual Fibromyalgia medication, please don't let me put you off it. If we viewed 100 people who take the same medication like Pregabalin then it would be brilliant for a section of them people. Many other would remain on it based upon this finding and would be taking more medication to combat symptoms. I am not against conventional medicine in any way but some people do not understand side effects of drugs so they think the side effect is a symptom of Fibro and it is not.
      So many people are against Tramadol yet to me it is like a wonder tablet for pain relief as I get no side effects. It is just knowing what works for your body.
      Hope you have a lovely weekend
      Love and gentle hugs
      Ness xxx

    2. Thanks Ness and you xx

  2. It sounds worthwhile for the constipation part alone!

    1. Christine, we think alike! Unless you have constipation you will never grasp how wonderful it is to have a balanced colon xxxx

  3. I am a total convert and love herbal therapies. They seem to agree with me so well and I've been taking vital plan products for 18months. To me they are a vital part of my health regime. When I started taking them I was house & bed bound and feared that would be my life from there on out. Since starting the restore program my health has been on a slow upward trajectory and-- though there have been plenty of setbacks along the way-- it only continues to keep getting better. I'm so pleased for you that you are finding benefits from the plan. For me digestion improved first and after that other things began to get better. It's been very small and subtle changes that have built up over time to create a big improvement in my health. Are you going to be continuing the plan?

    1. Hello hunny, thank you for commenting.
      I am not carrying on with the supplements purely based on family finances at the moment. So much has been going on this year with the boys like moving out to University and big 18th birthdays that extra costing is not feasible.
      My plan is to carry on with all I have learnt then next year focus back on the supplements when our family is more balanced. I will definitely be carrying on with all I have learnt through the diet plan, my body is forcing that one as I have so many symptoms when I return to pre plan eating.

      Would it be ok if I add a link to your blog at the bottom of this review?
      I think it will be a great forward reading as so many may presume the journey ends here yet you can carry on and project the plan 18 months on.

      Love and hugs
      Ness xxx

  4. Great review! What a comprehensive treatment plan, Im so impressed with this company. Im excited to hear how your pain/fatigue will be in a few more months. The program sounds fantastic for those with Lyme.

    1. Thank you so much Genevieve. It was a really great experience Love and hugs xxx

  5. I can totally understand that Ness, it is a big financial commitment. I'm very fortunate to have support from my family because without them I wouldn't be able to take them and I know I'm in a privileged position because of that. I think you'll continue to do well by following the rest of the advice and keep up with the lifestyle changes :) Of course you can link to my blog, I would be super appreciative and thankful if you did that x

    1. Thanks so much Donna, I really appreciate it. Love and hugs xxxxxx

  6. Hey Ness, I just finished reading your blog. Very good read. I just started the vital plan about 2 weeks ago to help treat symptoms of Lyme's. I was just wondering since it's been 2 years since you posted this, how have you been? Any improvement to your symptoms,quality of life, overall health? God bless.


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