Honeycolony Equilibrium Energy Superfood Review

"I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers (http://chronicillnessbloggers.com/chronic-illness-bloggers/) network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. "

As a blogger, reviewer, woman, mother, complementary therapist and chronically ill person certain products and companies get me really excited as they share the same values as I do. 

Honeycolony is one of these companies. They do not simply manufacture a product and throw it out to society in a hope to gain profit, they really do understand and care. 

Before I review a product I am given a chance to see their web page before I decide to share my opinion. This was when I became excited to work with this company. 

"We want to empower you to be your own best health advocate while putting honesty back into the food supply.  We’re here to unite the growing number of people adopting healthy lifestyles and seeking to cut through the hype and claims about natural products and remedies. With a little help from leading health experts and top-notch journalists in the field, community wisdom determines what works and what doesn’t."
"HoneyColony is dedicated to cross-pollinating with companies who uphold high-quality standards that value planet, humanity, honesty, and fair-trade practices. Real people hand-select all the brands and products you see on our site, and we refuse to compromise excellence for profit. Empowerment is our bottom line and you are our main concern."
"Our specially formulated  raw honey-based blend consists of organic and wildcrafted ingredients—cultivated with the highest standards to bring you energy and superfood yumminess with every serving.
Only the finest and most organic ingredients are used for Equilibrium, which we believe is the finest superfood mix available in the market today. "  (source)

So I know you are all wondering what makes this product so wonderful? 

Well, it contains twelve superb ingredients renowned for their medicinal properties. Honeycolony claims these ingredients bring harmony to a life that faces any stress, toxins, and negative energy. 

  1. Active Natural Prebiotics
  2. Phytoplankton
  3. Blue Algae
  4. Medicinal Mushrooms
  5. Double- Directory Adaptogenic Herbs
  6. Ormus
  7. Ginger
  8. Organic Turmeric
  9. Raw Honey
  10. Bee Pollen
  11. Bee Propolis
  12. Royal Jelly
If you would like to know more about the medicinal properties of each one have a read Benefits of Equilibrium Superfood, or simply pop over to their web page it is the most amazing source of knowledge!

The product arrived and I was excited to delve into its contents after reading all the magic it claims. This was when I struggled as the design of this label is hard to read.

I was always told as a child not to judge a book by it's cover to I completely ignored this and turned to the web page to read the storage details and dosage.

I was advised that I need to take one teaspoon daily.

Suggested Use:  You only need a teaspoon a day of this super potent superfood blend, preferably on an empty stomach. However, you can add it to a smoothie and have a teaspoon pre workout. One 12 ounce jar should last you a month with a teaspoon per day. Extremely POTENT. 

  • A teaspoon? 
  • How big is a teaspoon? 
  • Heaped? 
  • Levelled?
Reading on in the web page I discovered a teaspoon is 5g so out came the scales and I continued.

The consistency is very gritty and looks like tar. I found the taste to be quite pleasant and easily managed the product direct from the spoon with a glass of water. 

Each morning I would wake and take this on an empty stomach. It became easy to remember as a part of my morning regime. 

The cost of the jar I tried was $53.95 so in English money that is £40.91 approx at the time of writing. 

For a larger 12oz Jar that will last you a month, the cost is $98.50 so £74.85

I have not really felt any immediate benefit from taking this product but as a qualified complementary therapist and Earth Mamma, I did not expect to. 

The thing about using natural healing is that the effects are not instant like some conventional medicine. Mother Nature can not be rushed. 

Is all honey the same?

No! Honeycolony uses only the best quality, honey.

This is a product that you would feel the benefits over a period of time. I believe 100% in the powers of natural healing and this product contains so many truly wonderful ingredients I would be shocked if it did not have a positive effect. 

What I am reviewing is the taste, the company, the jar, the label and with this, in mind, the only negative I can find is the writing on the label. 

Maybe I am getting old haha!

What I absolutely LOVED about this product is the knowledge the company has for the powers of natural products. The web page is so educational and I can honestly say I have never seen a web page or company put so much into educating people on a healthier lifestyle by natural healing. 
You really do owe it to yourself to have a good read. {Link Here}

Supplements to me are often a chore, I take them as I know they will benefit me in some way. No one wakes and says, "Ooh I can not wait to take my supplements" they are simply a necessary evil. 

But this felt different for me. 
I was genuinely gutted when the jar was empty! 

Bees are magical little creatures that I respect and know they should be placed upon a pedestal. As a Mother, I have taught my children to respect them and as a lifelong member of Greenpeace, I know only too well the struggles these little darlings face.

I felt honoured to be taking this product. 

Could you fit this product it into your family budget?

The way I always base things on is the daily cost.

If you wanted to use this product long term then the cheapest option is to purchase it on is auto-ship $87.50/£66.30 so the daily cost would be $2.90/£2.20. The price of a takeaway coffee!

Let me know if you try this product. 

Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


  1. Great review! I am loving learning about all these new products as all the chronic illness bloggers review them.

    1. Hello hunny, massive thank you. Apologies about the delay in replying, this is one area I need to be more efficient with as I am either super slow or super fast... I find it great also as there are so many new products we can review them for each other. Love and hugs Ness xxx

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