My Fibromyalgia is cured

Yes, it is true, I am truly cured. Throw away the hot water bottle as my back is fine. I no longer need my stick or indeed my mobility scooter and throw them Tramadol in the bin!

Why oh why do I always think I am cured after a few really good days?

It always happens in the summer. I have a run of about four really good days following a flare and I allow my mind to convince me that I am cured. Obviously this is a load of complete rubbish as there is no cure!

I have accepted chronic illness in all its wonderful glory, I have outed myself from the chronic illness closet and I no longer ache for old me to return {Read more: Accepting my life with Fibromyalgia}

So why do I feel this way each year?

Yesterday I skipped home from the school run (well I didn't really skip, but it was a good walking motion) In my mind I planned that I would scrub the house from top to bottom. I was obviously superwoman as I had felt good for a few days in a row. 

But first I would have a cup of tea as it was only 9:30 am and I had all day of super energy power.

The day was spent on the couch fast asleep with my little partner in crime Maggie (My Shih Tzu dog) 

Do you ever feel this way when you have a good few days?

One minute you feel cured then pow, back to reality!

Last night before bed I plugged in little Speedy, my mobility scooter. I smiled and stroked it's handlebars like it was alive. "Good job I have you Speedy," I said out load. 

To the outside world, this turmoil is never considered. Society can be so rigid with the labels they place on us folk. I do not fit any pattern of disability and I fully accept that this is so difficult for healthy able bodied people to comprehend. 

Monday morning I walked on the school run. 

Tuesday morning I am in a mobility scooter. 

I saw this image on Instagram last night before bed it sums up many of us in the Fibromyalgia community. 

Obviously I am not cured, I simply had a few good days.

It was good while it lasted and I am thankful for the ability to have good days.

If you take anything away with you from this morning waffle with my coffee please pass on the message that some people that use aids to mobility can have a good day, it is not that we are faking it. We are simply enjoying a day when we have a little extra energy and less pain.

Love and gentle hugs.

Ness xx

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  1. Bad day for me but it was scorching at 90 degrees, used my spoons but canna sleep.
    My boyo is going with me to the vets with the snoring pupalups for 10:30. It's 02:30ish

    1. Hello darling, sorry my reply was so slow I am working on snail pace! Wowzer I would melt in that heat, I get flustered on a hot day in the UK so no way I could cope. Massive hugs Love Ness xxxx


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