My Doctor must think Fibromyalgia is all in my mind!

So many times I read on social media the distress people feel when their doctor suggests a referral to the psychiatric team, antidepressants or counselling. They view this as their doctor thinks their illness is all in their mind. 

Please stop doing this! I do understand why as so often within medical situations, things are discussed, decided and implemented without correctly explaining things to you the patient.

Many chronic illnesses are made worse through an exacerbation of symptoms and a flare due to stress, migraine, asthma, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis to name but a few.

Fibromyalgia is also affected by stress. It is well documented on many of the well-respected online information pages that this is fact. This is why your doctor makes a referral to mental health pathways.

As a professional Complementary Therapist, I understand the mind does influence the body to complicate illness.

As a woman with Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, IBS, asthma and psoriasis it gives me an insight deeper than some health professionals.

Firstly, let's dispell any taboos regarding mental health. Make a cup of tea and get comfortable on the couch and have a read.

MIND Mental health information and advice

Time To Change -Lets end mental health discrimination

Many of us with Fibromyalgia go through a period of darkness, I know I did and then I decided to be happy again.

I am not one of them annoying people that think to cure mental health, stress and depression all you need to do is think happy thoughts. If only it was that simple! But I did wake one day and think from now on I am going to explore every option and make a step towards trying to become happy again. With our brains, we can not just press a button and make everything ok.

Many people are unaware they suffer daily with stress and anxiety.

What are the signs of anxiety and panic attacks?

Some people go through life projecting to the world a calm persona yet inside there is an inner conflict, turmoil, sadness, and anger. Think of a duck on the water, we see the duck gracefully glide on the surface yet under water we do not see how hard the little legs paddle to keep afloat.

It is often difficult to know this is hindering your happiness if this has always been normal to you.

After reading the links about stress and anxiety if you feel that maybe this is an area you need to tweak then why deny help to become happy?

Always be true to yourself and be your own advocate.

If a doctor has suggested to you a referral to counselling, antidepressant medication or psychiatric support and this upset you then I fully understand as some never explain their actions. It would be so much nicer for them to say;

"Things outside of your control really may be making your symptoms and pain worse and this is why you are experiencing so many flares. Many people with the same illness as you have found that (insert treatment/medication/therapist) has helped in some way so you deserve the best possible level of care and support you should try this. "

Live in the moment and take charge of your own daily happiness. It is not a sign of weakness in any way to explore this area of care with Fibromyalgia. Just because family and friends may seem to think all you need to do to be happy is go for a walk, pull yourself together, think of others worse off, it is not that easy.

Trust me I have had so many hurtful things said to me about what I should be doing to cure my illness. They say it with love and don't realise the words hurt.

You are beautiful, you deserve to live with happiness and contentment even if you do have a chronic illness. 

You deserve to wake up daily and smile.

You deserve to find the beauty and magic of life even on the most painful days. 

Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx

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  1. I think the problem is that for most people the doctors aren't giving them a diagnosis and saying that help with depression could improve their symptoms. Doctors are saying (or at least what they said to me) was you're making up your physical symptoms because you're crazy, go see a psychiatrist. I could only wish for a doctor willing to talk about the relationship between pain and mental health! Those doctors are pretty rare.

    1. That is so sad that a Dr said that to you. They really can be so thoughtless at times. I have an amazing Dr now and they are so supportive. I really can not fault them in anyway they are text book standards. My old Dr before I moved failed for many years to diagnose Endometriosis and I was repeatedly told it was normal and in my mind. It was not until I had a hysterectomy that the Dr told me what was wrong with me.
      There really does need to be a set framework of care for chronic illness but sadly there is not. Love Ness xxx

  2. Really good post and explaining it, Ness! My daughter has lupus, fibromyalgia, IBS....I could go on but there's no need. Anyway, She once had a doctor refer her to a counselor and actually say that all of her symptoms would go away with counseling. Now that I read your article, maybe he didn't mean it exactly as he said it, but he still should have presented it in a completely different manner.

    1. Hi Paula, that is so wrong of him to not explain why he was doing it. There is no excuse at all for that. I don't for one minute think counseling would cure your daughters symptoms at very best all it would do is help her happiness and coping mechanisms. There is no cure for it, we just have to accept it and tie a pretty bow around in then find happiness with the simple things in life.
      Tell your daughter to add me on twitter, I have a few friends that blog about Lupus and I share there blogs every Friday/Saturday so look out for them. Give her a massive kiss from me and I hope she finds so many reasons to smile regardless of chronic illness Love Ness xxx

  3. I'm very lucky and have always had great GPs. I always register with an older GP though as I value their experiences in my case. I was told all about the links to mental health and that my illnesses were probably the cause of my mental health. I was undiagnosed for decades and it wears you down. I thought I was crazy and my Drs were the ones to say that I wasn't. I wish everyone was as lucky.

    1. Cathy that is such a lovely positive story about the way your illness was managed so well. It is like most professions, some are good and some not so good. So glad you got a good one. Love Ness xxx

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