"Today I have done nothing"

"Today I have done nothing"

We often say this and share it on our social networks but sometimes we really need to stop to think for a minute how amazing our day has been.

  1. Woke early as I couldn't sleep so typed up a review ending I have been meaning to do.
  2. Had two cups of coffee and listened to the morning birds.
  3. Snuggled with Maggie.(My small dog)
  4. Made my Seamus so happy wiggling his bum and banging his happy tail on everything (my big dog)
  5. Had some catch-up time on my facebook conversations.
  6. Posted a few pictures to Instagram.
  7. My favourite ever tea commented on my image or a mug of tea. 
  8. Had millions of random kisses from my youngest two.
  9. Had a lovely gentle giant hug from my big son,
  10. Had a lovely "Love you Mum" messenger message from my eldest.
  11. Found fab new butchers yesterday and enjoyed that for tea today.
  12. Felt blessed to be able to have a four-hour sleep on the couch with a big blanket. 
  13. Felt so proud that my kids are all amazing while I rest and help each other.
  14. Watched Eastenders (I love it, don't care if you judge me) 
  15. Managed a keep to my water quota. (Hydration and all that malarky) 
  16. Had a bath.
  17. Spoke to my Mum.
  18. Spoke to my sister.
  19. Wrote a list of blog ideas, got sidetracked after three.
  20. Laughed with my sons.
So really I have been super and had a brilliant productive day resting. 
When you are feeling like a day has been wasted I bet you could write your own list of simple things that have made your day special. Start a list to find just five then the next one find ten and so on.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all

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  1. It's amazing how we can easily overlook the simple pleasures in life. I could probably write a similar list today and I had an operation yesterday! I even taught hubby to cook bread pudding for me. That counts right? Even 5ho7gh he did the work. 😉

    1. Hello Cathy, Oh yes that does count as a super day. Sorry you had to have an operation and I hope it makes your life a little easier, less painful, just better. You have a lovely outlook, it makes me smile. Love Ness xx

  2. This is really great. I think this entirely too often, even though I do manage to accomplish some things =)

  3. What a great perspective Ness! I love this! Too often we see the negative but if we really think about it, there's lots of positives along the way.

  4. This is a super positive way to look at a rest day! Definitely need to give this a go

    Chronically Caitlin

  5. It's so easy to compare myself to others and think about all the things I didn't do. But the truth is there is always a long list of things I HAVE done- even if "making it out of bed on a high pain day" is the biggest one!


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