Escape the vortex of boredom with Fibromyalgia

Do you feel each day that you wake and you are caught in a vortex of boredom?
Life seems so filled with monotony doing the same thing day after day?

Then change it!!

The journey is not an easy one but imagine waking each day so excited about life, how amazing would that feel?

Even though I am a holistic therapist trained and very much a hippie at heart I do have a huge grasp on reality. For many, of us it is not so easy to simply make huge positive changes to our life. Mental illness, chronic medical conditions, invisible illness, family commitments all mean our position is very fixed. Some aspects of our lives we can never change but many things can so that your life is more fulfilling.

I have friends who struggle to look on the bright side of life due to mental illness but I would willingly sit in the darkness with them just to make them feel they are not alone. To feel you are not alone with illness is a massive change to your life.

An illness may confine you to your bed or couch daily, change where you sit or lay. Research has shown that by simply moving where you sit can have a profound effect upon how you view your life.

Think for a few minute how much of your day is a pattern, a routine.
I would be bored if I had to live the same day over and over so change it.

Be a rebel and don't have your tea in your usual mug. If you have some spare pennies isn't it about time you got a new favourite mug, a happy one that makes you smile?

Why not walk a different route to school to collect the children on Tuesday and Thursday?

Wouldn't it be nice if every Monday was pamper evening and you treated yourself to a face mask, hair treatment, bubble bath and candles and a nice glass of wine in your best wine glass?

Take yourself on a date once a week alone, even if it is popcorn and watching a classic film with a blanket on the couch, make it special for yourself. You deserve it!

When was the last time you switched the TV off and put your feet up to read a book?

Try and change something different about your routine each day. Mark some things on the calendar such as date nights, pamper nights, read a new book day.

Even if you are poorly sick or live alone, we all need something to look forward to.
Make it special for you and escape the vortex of boredom.

Love and gentle hugs to you all


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